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 After Earth Part 2: God of Fire falls

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After Earth Part 2: God of Fire falls Empty
PostSubject: After Earth Part 2: God of Fire falls   After Earth Part 2: God of Fire falls I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 19, 2009 8:13 am

Things were going good for After Earth and the gods. Centuries had passed with each of them not growing a second older. Immortality was the God's trademark. The God of Fire, Raelbouse was starting to get sick. A few years passed, and he slowly got sicker. Abaddon the commander of After Earth was searching every source to find a cure for Raelbouse. But there was no cure to be found. It was time for the God of Fire to pass. He said to:

SupRa, "You have created something great, i wish you the most luck in the future."

SupRa was lost for words as he did not understand how a "God" could die. Raelbouse then passed and was studied by SupRa and Jim. A few weeks of studying and Jim had found an answer. Raelbouse was infected with a Virus which caused him to pass away. SupRa knew that it was not natural causes that made Rael pass away. Jim was curious about this. The next day Raelbouse's funeral was held. It brought a tear to the God's Eyes. As the ceromony finished SupRa walked up and said, "One day my friend....one day you will be back." Then he turned around with tears in his eyes and slowly walked off. He stopped suddenly and turned his head slowly around, He straighten back up and continued walking...

After Earth Part 2: God of Fire falls AuronRasiggy
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After Earth Part 2: God of Fire falls
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