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 After Earth Part 1: The War

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PostSubject: After Earth Part 1: The War   After Earth Part 1: The War I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 13, 2009 12:34 pm

It was the year 2312, a planet called Earth was attacked by an Unknown race. They came in numbers and full with power. Earth sent its best Warriors and Protectors to defend again this threat. There were several groups that went up to fight. Among them was a Group of Gods with the combined power of the Sea, Earth, Wind and Fire. Their leader of this Group was called SupRa. Inside this group there were:

SupRa: Supreme GOD

RaelBouse:God of Fire
Jimmeh: God of Earth
Authority: God of Wind
Leviathon: God of Sea

Earth thought that we would be victorious. But we suffered a harsh defeat. The gods watched as there allies fell one by one. Soon there was no-one left but the Gods. This Unknown force was unstoppable. The gods decided to flee. Just as they were leaving the Earth's surface, the planet itself started to crumble. Earth was destroyed and along with it all knowledge of technology.

The Gods came back in a weeks time to find any survivors. They scouted everywhere but still nothing. They decided to find another planet worthy for each of there Attibutes. After about 5 days of searching they stumbled upon a remote planet far from any other that looked inhabbitable. They desended from the skys with grace looking across the land. Jimmeh decided to settle on the plains where he was most at peace. Leviathon headed for the Sea's. Authority to the Sky's and Raelbouse desended upon a mountain covered in molten rock. The Gods claimed these as there own. SupRa was last to desend. He looked out across the land and the sea and up to the mountains and skies. He thought this would be a prefect place to start a new life. So He named this Planet After Earth. SupRa had many idea's. He sent Authority and Raelbouse out to look for inhabbitants and Jimmeh and Leviathon to start mixing up the land to something suitable to live in. Leviathon made the River's and Streams, while Jimmeh started to build a town. Authority and Raelbouse returned later this day with people. People that had escaped from Earth before it fell to pieces. SupRa was please with the work that his Allies had done. SupRa became the God of After Earth. SupRa and the other gods are waiting until the time is right...

After Earth Part 1: The War AuronRasiggy
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After Earth Part 1: The War
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