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 How to Join AE:

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PostSubject: How to Join AE:   How to Join AE: I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 12, 2009 7:12 pm

To join AE go to our topic Recruitment and click on "New Topic." Make the name of the topic "<Your Name's> Application."

Example: AuronRa's Applicaton

Your Application should look like this:

Name: <ingame name:

Msn or xfire: <msn address or xfire address>

Prefered Master: <name of prefered master>

Timezone: <GMT: _._>

Reason: <reason to join>

You will have to use this form otherwise your application will not be considered. To choose your master you will need to choose a player with the *R tag on the end of his/her name. Once your application is accepted you will be given the rank -P/Probation and will be added to the Student List.

Example: AuronRa-P

You will be on Probation until you collect all 4 stars. Only your master or AuronRa can give you these stars.
They are as follows:

* - Level 6 or Higher Account Level on the Server.
* - Enforcing the Rules.
* - Showing Good Behavior.
* - Training with your master.

Once you have all 4 stars your master will give you 6 duels. To get into the clan you need to win at least 3 of these. This shows that you are worthy to be in the clan. After you win the duels you will be given the rank -A/Apprentice.

Example: <|AE|>AuronRa-A

Now you are part of the clan.
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How to Join AE:
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