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PostSubject: Announcement.   Announcement. I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 04, 2009 9:36 pm

Little announcement, there will be some changes.

First of all, The Builders will be reduced to 4: +2.

The Builders are: Leviathon, Abaddon and Raelbouse. (Out of Clan Builders: GiZkA, Vyper.
Note: All the others will be removed as of Construction admin.


To The Rule about Laming.

If the Council, gets anytype of report about a Member laming, No long talking, it will be harshly dealt with and the person
who Disrespects this rule will recieve a Demotion with flying arms.


Laming and Admin Abuse.

I have recieve too many complaints about Admin Abuse and Member's laming. I will not tolerate this anymore! I have had it with reports and PM's that i have recieved about this. I am completely disgusted in this. If a Client(Player not in the clan) is laming please report them in the Reporting Topic. If you dont do this the laming will not be followed up on. If a Member is laming do the same thing but post in the Reporting Members topic. Members found to be laming with be demoted after a first warning is given. Laming will be dealt with harshly and will not be missed. I will even be checking server logs for laming if i need to. Now to Admin abuse. If a member is admin abusing report him/her the same way and this will be like a 3 strike system. 3 strikes of admin abuse and you are demoted and stripped of admin. You will not get admin back for 1 week and you position in the clan will be talked about in the council. Please take time to ponder this.




Our New tags less copy of MF and more better.

<|AE|> Old Tags.

-/AE- New Tags.

We want you to change them once your ingame.




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