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 Application From Me! :D

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PostSubject: Application From Me! :D   Sat Mar 28, 2009 10:39 pm

Name: Noxtrious

Msn or xfire: mikkel_vesterdahl@live.dk

Prefered Master: <Rael'bouse>

Timezone: <GMT: +1>

Reason: <It's a long time since i was ever in a Clan, i used to be a part of CÐ, but i left due to a kid named Zion ruined everything for me, i also used to be in alot other clans too, but i forgot the name, but since i got some spare time in my hands right now, i might be able to do some good stuffz around here :b>
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PostSubject: Re: Application From Me! :D   Sat Mar 28, 2009 10:41 pm

Accepted, -P

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Application From Me! :D
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