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 Server Rules

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PostSubject: Server Rules   Thu Mar 19, 2009 9:53 am

These are the rules of our server..break the rules you will suffer the consequences..HENCE WHY THERE CALLED RULES!?!

(1): Please do not lame other people, Laming is attacking other people with their sabers down or their chat bubble up.

- Temp Banned
- Jailed
- Frozen
- Stripped

(2): Please do not use foul language or use racism.

- Mute
(3): Please do not advertise IP addressees and recruit out loud. You may PM an IP address as long as it is alright with an admin or the person that wants the IP.

- Mute
- Temp or Perm ban (Depends how bad it is.)

(4): Please do not spam in our servers.

- Mute

(5): Please do not beg admins over and over again for CR or to spawn something if they say no. If they don't reply give them time as some of them may be busy.

- Mute

(6): HAVE FUN!!!


(7): For Admins =
* - Do Not use Admin Commands of anytype against your fellow members. If they do something, which you would normally Use an admin Command for, report them, to one of the Leaders or a Higher rank. So they will handle it.
* - For those that use Admin Commands against other admins, will be dealt with, Harshly.
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Server Rules
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