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 The Planets

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PostSubject: The Planets   The Planets I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 21, 2009 2:55 am

Quantum Vector 11
Quantum Vector 11 is a rather small planet outside of the 4 ring, mainly used for ship stop in's and re-fueling. Recently, the Imperial Army took over Quantum Vector 11. They didn't really do a lot of damage, but they've taken captive of most of the citizens. The citizens left are kept under watch 24/7 and are used as slaves. The reason the Imperial Army took over this planet was so they could control a small portion of that side of the After Earth Universe.

Dokurah 6
Dokurah 6 is a rather large planet right near After Earth's center. It used to be a vibrant, lively planet, but recent catastrophes and climate changes have left the planet a barren wasteland. Many citizens were killed and the survivors are stranded around the planet with barely and food or water. Many of the survivors have gone insane. There isn't much life left on Dokurah 6, but who knows, maybe something good will happen.
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The Planets
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